What is GFWE

Our story

Our Mission Statement & USP

Our Mission Statement: We are a Kingdom network of marketplace women who share a passion for Christ and for ministry in the

Our Unique Selling Point: Taking the form of regular seminars and conferences, as well as training and networking events, GFWE’s USP would be the ongoing mentoring and financial support each enrolled entrepreneur will receive.

The 3-Point Vision

It is an inclusive network embracing women in the marketplace who feel the need to connect and encourage one another in the area of business.  


The network will proactively engage with other Christian marketplace organisations and work together to establish Kingdom rule and dominion in the area of business.


The network offers a platform where women in the marketplace are able to connect, exchange information and do business together according to the Kingdom mandate and pattern.


The Business Summary

GFWE is a network of Christian women believers from across the globe who are in the marketplace and understand the Kingdom mandate given to them in the Word of God with specific reference to the business sphere and domain. This is a network of women who come together for the following key purposes:

To fulfil

The mandate of Genesis 1: 26-28 and to take dominion in the business sphere.

To fulfil

The mandate set out in Luke 19: 11 and occupy and do business.

To fulfil

The Kingdom mandate regarding entrepreneurship.

To fulfil

The Kingdom mandate regarding social action and community engagement.

To fellowship, motivate and encourage

One another as well as do business with one another.

Need advice?

Contact us anytime. We are here to listen and guide you in any way we can. 

Your opportunity to be the entrepreneur God intended