GFWE Mobile Eye Clinic

Good vision and proper eye care & protection are vital for performance for growing children in the learning environment. A proper assessment can eliminate unnecessary discomfort & eyestrain.

Vision & eye health problems children may have, are identified and addressed early. Proper eye evaluation will help increase concentration & efficiency in the learning environment.

The central aim of this initiative is to provide primary eye care. This will include the provision of spectacles where necessary. This care will be taken to South African children in disadvantaged areas who would not ordinarily have access or funds to such care.  The proposed plan includes visiting schools in disadvantaged communities to assess their visual needs.

A mobile clinic and trained optometrist will be used for this purpose. Thank you to our sponsors that are making this project a reality.

How you can help

A project of this magnitude requires major sponsorships. We would love to have a fleet of vehicles on the road. There is a vast need in our country. We take our sight for granted, but many are not that lucky.

Contact us if this project is close to your heart. Send your proposal to to become involved.

Donate any amount, donate time if this is close to your heart. Do you know someone that could sponsor glasses or frames? Please get in touch.

Every small amount will make a difference